All about us as a group!

Published on 11 May 2023 at 14:43

This is ALL ABOUT US !

We have good news!

We are Hiring! You are welcome to text or email us to ask any questions or apply. 

My email is and our number you can reach us at is  (909-576-2077) 

We own a Babysitting group named Sitter Gals.Sitter Gals is a safe and welcoming  babysitting  group to watch your kids . The three first babysitters in our group that made our dream come true are Violet,Berlin and Mulan. We created the group because we love watch and take care of young children. Our prices are 25 dollars a hour. All of us are CPR Certified ,Also we are 11 years old and if you are not comfortable  with our age we can invite one of our grown ups to watch us but not do the work for us! Some fun facts about us are we bring toys,coloring  supplies and books for you kids to enjoy and intertain them.We also can cook and all of us have taken baking and cooking classes but if you are not comfortable with us using the stove or oven we can bring your children own  pre made food from our home. If you you children has any special need or allergies tell us an we can be prepared. 


In order to keep our kids happy and safe, there are some rules!

1. Parent's must sign a waiver before any official babysitting of children with child's first and last legal name and address.

2. A Parent or guardian must have an I.D. present in order to pick up or check out your child. 

3. Children must between ages of 1-7 years old

4. Call or email the Sitter Gals for initial consultation and meet and greet. 

5. All needs, allergies, food restrictions and preferences must be noted in initial consultation.

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Yvette Vasquez
4 months ago

Hello I am looking for a babysitter