This is Violet ! Here are some pictures of Violets interests and kids she has babysat.

Violet is a responsible, kind and big hearted girl with a lot of experience of taking care of young children of all ages, as well as infants and babies. She prides herself in doing her very best in everything she sets her heart to. Violet has been babysitting children for the last three years and makes sure to incorporate play time, healthy and delicious meals, educational activities like reading, coloring, drawing and outdoor activities like yoga and playing at the park.  She is an enthusiastic cheerleader for bulldogs. Through cheerleading I have learned responsibility, leadership, hard work and determination. I am one of the older cheerleaders on my league so the young one might look up to me.I have had experience with younger children by helping the younger kids stretch and learn so routines and cheerleading.

Violet also has a passion for skateboarding. With hard work, determination and patience, she has taught herself to skateboard! Skateboarding is a skill that takes a lot of patience and drive. It is not always easy to find balance and learn new tricks, but one rule Violet lives by is "NEVER GIVE UP!". This is something Violet teaches and shares with the children she babysits. To set goals to grow and get better at what you love to do and no matter how difficult something might be, never ever give up. As long as you set your heart on something, you can achieve anything you want in this life.